Reptilians regularly and increasingly possess humans.They have no right to legitimate incarnation on this planet, so they oust sacred human souls and steal viable bodies. Beware of anyone that has any positive spin on reptilians. They are agents of the antichrist and serve their demonic handlers. In parts of the world (ie., Denver, Colorado) a large percentage of the population is possessed by reptilians. They also move from one body to another and so are in effect contagious.

Symptoms that you are under assault by reptilians include the following:

  1. Cold chills or the feeling of being often cold when others around you are not.
  2. Extreme and sudden grogginess/ dopiness/drowsiness.
  3. Mental confusion/inability to concentrate or maintain complex thought.
  4. Extreme chest pain. Squeezing of the heart. Mimics heart attack over and over again with no medical cause.
  5. Numbness in face and extremities.
  6. Eye twitching or pain.
  7. Violent sneezing, which has no resemblance to allergic/normal sneezing. (This is actually the body’s attempt to rid itself of the alien presence.)
  8. Migraines (with sensitivity to light and sound/nausea)
  9. Hearing of another voice or voices (always with a sinister message ie. “I hate you.” A message that is uncharacteristic and unfamiliar to the victim.)
  10. Uncharacteristic rage
  11. Chronic depression
  12. Suicidal feelings and thoughts (When the soul is putting up a long and strong fight, the entity urges the person to kill themselves.)
  13. Electronic interference with computers, phones, etc.
  14. Tinny static during phone conversations.
  15. Foul taste in the mouth
  16. Unexplained muscle spasms and sharp, often random, pains
  17. Abandonment by former friends and family (The other person is “thought-seeded” (registered trademark) to leave the person who is afflicted or given the message to harm the individual.)
  18. Interrupted sleep, particularly around 3 A.M.
  19. Feelings of sudden and unexpected terror.
  20. Panic attacks (especially when pursuing your divine destiny)
  21. Feeling of always being watched/monitored
  22. “Brain-splitting” (registered trademark) This is a term I have coined for the sensation mentally of the soul’s own voice battling with the programmed or intrusive reptilian voice. Probably indicates a brain implant and the timing of the symptom represents an attempt to stop the person from following a “divine light impulse” (God-given)( registered trademark) This may also indicate an attempt to induce schizophrenia, which is always reptilian-caused
  23. Short-term memory loss. This makes life difficult. It also may indicate an attempt to induce Alzheimer’s Disease, which is always reptilian-caused.
  24. Bouts of extreme fatigue, maybe especially upon waking. As if the life force is being sucked out of you (It is.) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, in most cases, is likely reptilian interference.
  25.  Note: Most, if not all of the above, may be attributed to other organic causes. Please start with an indepth physical exam from a medical professional. After that the symptoms are best interpreted by a spiritual expert (see the list of recommended healers) as a cluster of symptoms. They also will be concomitant with an assault on the lifestyle and present in advanced beings of light, as those pose the most threat to the reptilian agenda.


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