Beware! False teachers can leave you worse off than before you started. Sometimes they are dark magicians who will use devices to harm you if you do not offer homage or if you are a True Light Being and discern their true identity. At a minimum, you certainly will end up poorer emotionally and financially.


Disclaimer: I do not take these postings lightly. The following people have been listed after repeated and consistent reports to me by others. I cannot verify the veracity and neither am I responsible for a misdirected claim. Please use your own discernment.

Bradley Luoma

Renna Shesso, Colorado

She has a dark entity handler and actually thinks her spirit guide is a divine being. I will write more about her as time allows.

Rob Wergen: Aspen, Colorado

 He was chosen by The Galactic Counsel to channel medical masters of healing. He was chosen due to his worldly abilities (marketing/ money-wise, and his strong physical body.) He is not following the directions of those masters and like many channels is thinking he is an advanced being. He is operating in opposition to divine light and as a renegade practitioner. Also his wife is a very dark being. If you have any contact with her, you will immediately notice this. Beware!

Kim Moore: Psychic and Channel of the Dead. This person is not evil but has a great deal of reptilian interference around her which is corrupting her ability to hear and see psychically. She has no awareness of this interference.

 Benny Hinn: Televangelist and self-proclaimed healer

Marie Redfeather: Shaman, Durango, Colorado

Hank Innerfeld:  Spiritual Response Therapy

Anne DeChenne  AKA Anne Drucker, Cellular Release Therapy, Castle Pines, Colorado

Anne DeChenne’s acolyte: Greg McCugh, Denver, Colorado

Joanna Neff, Certified Hypnotherapist

Nita (

Christine (psychic in Cherry Creek, Denver)

Garth & Anastasia
Beyond Calm

Wayne Brewer: This individual is arrogant and greedy. I have received numerous reports from people who have hired him (at great cost) who have not been helped. When I personally spoke to him by phone, the  reptilian electronic interference on the phone was so intense it was impossible to communicate. He seemed unaware of this most basic indicator of reptilian surveillance. He is underskilled and over-egoed. He also makes promises no integrity-filled healer would ever make.


  1. I am going thought this.
    The person is from Egypt, Luxor,
    I am shrinking and loosing my weight
    He comes and has my energy at night as well as sex and I fight him off
    Please home

  2. Charles Askren

    I have run into some disturbing reports by clients/ students of Anne DeChenne Drucker and Greg McCugh. I am interested in your info/ feedback on their work.

  3. Benny Hinn definitely needs to be added to this list.

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