From White Dove Healing ArtsIt’s hard to discuss the dangers of cell-phone radiation and other sources of EMF’s without sounding like a conspiracy theorist.This is especially true in the U.S.,  where legislation protecting the wireless industry from legal challenges has long been in place, and where our lives have been so thoroughly bombarded with wireless technology.

Aside from seeing red flags from your Biofeedback Sessions in yourself, family and clients, these products should be used either daily or occasionally due to our electro-magnetically polluted society.

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Aaron & Melissa Dykes

Waking Times

Did you know that back in 1990, the Environmental Protection Agency was all set to release a report that admitted electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are dangerous to our health, including that EMFs have been linked with “the development of various cancers” but stopped short of straight up admitting they are “probable carcinogens”?

The report,  published in the October 4, 1990 edition of The Indiana Gazette, reported:

“Now the Environmental Protection Agency is on the verge of publishing a report suggesting that EMF is linked with the development of various cancers. And at one point, someone within the agency had considered an even more drastic step – classifying low-frequency electromagnetic fields as probable cancer-causing agents in the same rank as dioxin or PCBs.”  But the EPA has stopped short of the probable carcinogen conclusion, which could have drastic implications for regulation of the American utility industry and in the workplace. Louis Slesin, power-industry watchdog and the editor of Microwave News, published in his journal’s most recent issue a paragraph from a rough draft of the EPA study recommending that low-frequency electromagnetic fields be classified as probable human carcinogens.  The paragraph, Slesin said in a recent interview with The Morning Call, has since been deleted from the report, which won’t be issued in official, final form until this month, according to the July 20 issue of TIME magazine.”

According to Microwave News, the paragraph was deleted after the EPA presented its initial draft of report to the White House Office of Policy and Development.  Isn’t that nice? Guess the mega corporations who run the government were none too pleased that the truth might come out about the harmful effects of EMFs and what that information might do to bottom lines and what was about grow into a booming business that would essentially take over our entire world in the next thirty years.

At the time the Gazette article was printed, the report did, however, retain information regarding the fact that epidemiological studies of brain tumors, lymphomas, and leukemias showed a causal link with EMFs, though no concrete link was admitted obviously.  In addition, the article goes on to note that extremely low EMFs inhibit the production of the tumor-suppressing hormone melatonin and that these fields have also been known to inhibit the immune system.  The point is, even back then, they knew. They knew how dangerous this was to our health, and they failed to fully inform the public.

Once again I am encountering false teachers. Each successive encounter seems to be with increasingly cunning and dangerous individuals and organizations posing as christ-centered.

This is what I know about Redford Paranormal and the five people who comprise it:

I.) Configuration:

1) Rev. Bradley Luoma.

He claims to be an exorcist but is not Catholic. He presents himself as a powerful exorcist, although protestants call this type of work deliverance. He uses (holds and wears) a crucifix which is a real no-no among non-Catholic Christians. He is decidedly not Catholic and conveyed through words and actions an aversion to the Catholic Church’s exorcism ritual. His assistant (Rose) wears a St. Benedict’s medallion although it was clear in talking to her that she had no idea who St. Benedict was. In other words he has adopted the powerful symbols/icons of the Catholic Church without really honoring what stands behind them. This mongrelization of religions is not terrible on its own, but a red flag.

The first time I spoke to him he said all healers are evil. When I reminded him that Jesus Christ was the greatest healer of all time he ignored what I had said. Red flag #2.

In all other ways he is a typical fundamentalist Christian. He quotes scripture often and believes in the evil of common objects. On looking at a small decorative Buddha he said he began to “burn” and I wondered how he can walk through a department store, go out for Chinese food, or walk by a greeting card display. In fact he likes to describe non-stop the stabbing, burning, itching, heat, and other sundry attacks apparently being launched upon him constantly.

He likes to repeat over and over that “evil hates me” as a constant reminder that he is all-powerful and special. When contact with his organization is made his wife, Rev. Stacey Luoma responds. Then he has “investigators” who spend hours talking on the phone with you gathering info. The term “investigators” should serve as more than a red flag. As it turns out this group comes from a ghost-hunter background and if you know anything about these hobbyists they are neither spiritual in nature nor wise.

He asked for personal information then used the information to discern then target the weakest member of the group. In fact, it was easy to see later that he arrived with an agenda and just was manipulating the situation to get to that pre-determined agenda.

At one point he stared at me and out of the blue in the middle of another subject he said something along the lines of “Satan fell from heaven.” Then he said nothing. After a minute or so of him continuing to stare at me I asked him, “Is that a question?” I really have no idea what he was up to, but it was extremely weird.

Some of the problems with him that emerged pretty quickly:

*He validated extreme paranormal/reptilian behavior as a technique to build trust and encourage disclosure then later said that even the most blatant examples were merely psychological in nature. Lucky for us he is a master of human psychology and waxed long on every psychological aspect, especially trauma. (With my background of 30 years as an actual psychotherapist and spiritual teacher I found this stunning.)

*He identified the most spiritually evolved member of the group as “mentally defective” despite no history of or any sign of instability.

*He said adamantly that there is no such thing as ghosts. He insisted that all ghosts are demons and I thought of all the sweet souls who had become trapped/confused here that I have helped cross over (including my own beautiful great-grandparents.)

*He asked for the name of a fallen angel that is known among the group and who has caused great suffering.He then said since it was not on his “list’ and so does not exist. (This man actually believes he possesses the definitive list of all of the thousands of fallen angels)

*He explained there is no one stan, but three. (This is absolutely not true)

* He said Osiris was from Iran/Persia and when I pointed out his error (which was the only one I did) he said dismissively that Egypt and Persia were the same place. This gives you an idea of the ridiculous ego of this person.

*He repeatedly lured out detailed information of reptilian/demonic activity then discounted it. Although Kristy claimed to have extensive knowledge of serpent people and told me prior to meeting him that Rev. Luoma did too, he separated out a member of our group and told her privately that there is no such thing as aliens and anyone who believes in them is crazy.

*He normalized and validated evil. He defiled and disrespected goodness.

*He stated that possession cannot occur in the brain. For those of you battling implants, what do you make of that? In fact, one might argue that possession can only occur in the brain. The brain is the control center of the body.

This is the kind of nonsense he presents as truth. When you don’t take him too seriously, he’s a complete idiot.

He espouses the so-called “Proverbs Woman”. For those of you who know this proverb which has been distorted by fundamentalists to prove the Biblical premise for wifely obedience and subservience to men, you need no further warning.

As a reminder: Jesus was a great feminist. His favorite disciple was a woman. He understood the temporary gender identification of the reincarnating soul and modeled only equality, respect and love between the sexes. This distortion of his teachings is one of the most angering (among many) for those of us who know Him well.

Rev. Bradley Luoma lives in Michigan. He charges nothing for his services which a member of my group pointed out is even more dangerous than someone who charges money. I hadn’t thought about this before. But the will to harm innocents and distort reality must be very strong when there is no other incentive.

* He is a ghost hunter. Luoma can be found all over the internet and Amazon reviewing ghost-hunting parphernalia and telling people simultaneously that there is no such thing as ghosts. His name is Hardkoresteeldude Do you really think an authentic spiritual teacher goes by that name?

He had the nerve to tell a person grieving their murdered friend who was looking at paranormal equipment:

“Don’t do it…As an Exorcist you will GET way more than you bargained for. This tool is used for committing necromancy and the case I handled today removed 13 Demonic forces out of a 27 year old man who received LUCIFER in Demonic possession due to his actions of Ghost Hunting. LUCIFER brought a multitude against this man. Stay away from this practice of Witchcraft. Go to Redford Area Paranormal Silencers on FB and see the cases we do!”

Hardkoresteeldude answered on November 21, 2014″
And then he’s using and recommending this equipment himself. Unbelievable!!!!
Here he is again online dispensing his mythology to some naive person:
Hardkoresteeldude said on November 21, 2014

“You’re very welcome! Blessings to you…Remember Hebrews 9:27…Ghosts don’t exist…”
That is not what Hebrews 9:27 says. It is not even related to what Hebrews 9:27 is talking about. I don’t engage in the scripture wars that fundamentalists engage in, but this is so off the mark I just had ot challenge it. Everyone stay on your toes. These puppets of evil overlords are everywhere and spouting off garbage as truth. Research. Verify. Question everything and everyone.

Finally, he made a big deal that a woman he worked with before got angry. “And all anger is evil,” he said. No, all anger is not evil. Righteous anger is never evil. Jesus in the temple–turned-marketplace was not evil. He told us this so that when he aroused our suspicions that we would turn on ourselves. He used so many techniques common to the dynamics of power and control.


2) Rev. Stacey Luoma

She fields calls to the husband and sends messages to the “investigators.” Otherwise I imagine she is busy being a Proverbs Woman.

3) Investigators (I believe there are only two)


She lives in North Carolina.

Bradley introduced me to Kristy as: “She is a Proverbs Woman”.

She admitted to being a satanic worshiper in the past. While no one believes in redemption as much as I do, someone with such a background should never be directly involved with an exorcism/deliverance/extraction. Even the most casual darkness in an individual is always seized upon by an entity to distract and shame. No one with this background can ever be present for this level of very serious and dangerous spiritual work.

(I might add that Rev. Luoma never disclosed this about his investigator to whom I was assigned but did use intimidating words to threaten me that my dark secrets would come out so there was no way to hide from his all-knowingness. Sorry, not even a Ouija Board in my background. Incarnated remembering my identity. Kind of a goody-two-shoes. I bring this up because it speaks to his hypocrisy and arrogance.)

One time, Kristy was talking very loudly on the phone about extremely dark matters when I realized there were very young children (her own) under her care and nearby. I immediately got off the phone. It is never appropriate to do this work around young children.

She talked about having a hard time breathing, but smokes cigarettes. (An exorcist requires a very strong body. It is a very physically demanding endeavor)

She made assurances that she was extremely available, encouraged me to contact her any time, but did not return phone calls or e-mails for days.

She also told me she had been a ghost hunter in the past, decried those people and then talked about meeting Brad and that being transformative.

Ultimately she began to confuse names, what was said, make up things and when confronted about this disappeared. Those of you battling these energies will recognize these patterns as reptilian obstruction/control.


This poor woman is completely under Bradley Luoma’s control. She has bought hook, line and sinker that her 21 year old daughter is evil because and only because she lives with her boyfriend. Under Luoma’s tutelage Rose has completely cut her daughter out of her life. He then attempted to be divisive in my family system and was immediately stopped. Rose was strange at times, mimicking Bradley when what he was saying was unrelated to what was being discussed. She is definitely under mind control.

She stated verbatim the same exact statement that Kristy had said to me week earlier regarding meeting Brad Luoma being transformative. Two different women, weeks apart, states apart using the same precise words. That is mind control.

III. Summary:

1) These are paranormal investigators who thought they’d graduate to taking on direct confrontation with evil.

2) Rev. Luoma presents as a stereotypical Christian fundamentalist: judgmental, arrogant, ignorant, Bible-thumping, naive, inexperienced, narcissistic, cognitive vs. heart-centered and fanatical.

3) There is a foundation of evil in their organization. Kristy with a history of satanic worship, reptilian distortion and twisting of what was said. I witnessed with my own eyes and ears Bradley channeling a reptilian overlord as evidenced through reporting data about us that only a fourth-dimensional entity would have access to, smirking and smiling in that creepy manner that only the possessed/controlled can do, physical intrusion and violation, attempts to separate and polarize loved ones, manipulation of words and attempts at mind control.

4) Brad is a salesman by trade and he acts like one. He is a corpulent, controlling, fast-talker with an agenda. He does not listen, is extremely disrespectful (especially to women). He also fancies himself a psychotherapist and got into processing deeply traumatic events which was way beyond his level of expertise.

5)This entire group is presenting as Jesus followers. They are not.

6) As much as I have laid out much evidence here, Luoma is quite compelling. Do not underestimate this man. He will manipulate others easily and talk them out of what they know to be true. After a few hours in his presence I felt a taste of what goes on in Scientology. He is not to be taken lightly. Although uneducated and boorish at times he is definitely imbued with considerable satanic power. At one point, for perhaps two seconds I felt him attempting a mind split. (I suddenly became forgetful.) Apparently after that attempt he gave up on working on me directly and never even looked at me again. Another one in our group he called inscrutable and largely left him a lone as well.

He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Actually he’s in a silken robe he bought online and wearing medallions of a religion he despises bought on Amazon. I would imagine he doesn’t wear his faux-Catholic vestments and crucifix around his born-again Christian friends either. Sorry, I’m a little angry here. The true teachers (I’m a soul 33 incarnated master) have to lay low while these charlatans mis-lead the world. Kind of sickening.

III. Recommendations

1) Stay away from paranormal investigators/ghost busters if you are dealing with deep spiritual issues or infiltration by evil. Hauntings, poltergeists, etc. Okay. Demons, reptilians, other dark E.T.’s, curses, witchcraft, No!!!!! In the case of Bradley Luoma stay away completely.

2) Notice the affect (emotions/facial expressions) of the person you are dealing and their common features. Spiritual liberators/teachers do not smirk or grin when they do this work. This is serious business and true healers understand the suffering involved. They may do a million things in order to survive in this world, but they will not be lawyers, bankers, stockbrokers, salesmen, etc. Carpenter, ditch digger, manicurist, therapist, maybe. Those who manipulate others for a living, never.

3) If they use the many language techniques which I have been teaching and warning you about: change of subject; disregarding your comments, questions; denying what you are telling them, projecting, run!!!

4) Do a google search on anyone you are thinking about working with.

5) Ask the birth name and do their numerology. Ask their background. I have been a formal spiritual teacher (paid and public) for 24 years, all my life before that in less formal ways. Rev. Luoma has been doing whatever he says he’s doing for 2 years. He’s 46.

On a personal note two of us felt a deep cold inside in his presence. The third, who sat closest to him, did not feel cold but felt an uncontrollable shaking inside. Of course, if we’d brought this up to Rev. Luoma he would have said the demons in us were being activated. Of course, I realize in horror two days after this encounter that we were in close proximity with someone carrying a very dark energy. Although I dismissed him long before he was able to launch into his work, there was the dynamic of an exorcism present. Only instead of the entity coming forth and attempting to pit us against each other, to confuse, to speak lie after lie, to turn the room cold it was Rev. Luoma and his companion who did so. I have never experienced anything like this ever before.

Finally, it is my particular soul path to expose false teachers. Unless it is yours, stay away! Align yourself with the true teachings of Jesus Christ.

Blessings and Stay Strong,

Wise Woman


In 1930, when John Cheever, one of the greatest American writers, was 18 he walked into an office of The New Republic and physically submitted a story about his own expulsion from prep school. Here is an except that speaks to the “sheeple” aspect of Americans and the lack of inspired thinking taught at most schools.

“Our country is the best country in the world. We are swimming in prosperity and our President is the best president in the world. We have larger apples and better cotton and faster and more beautiful machines. This makes us the greatest country in the world. Unemployment is a myth. Dissatisfaction is a fable. In preparatory school America is beautiful. It is the gem of the ocean and it is too bad. It is bad because people believe it all. Because they become indifferent. Because they marry and reproduce and vote and they know nothing. Because the tempered newspaper keeps its eyes ceilingwards and does not see the dirty floor. Because all they know is the tempered newspaper.

But I will not say any more. I do not stand in a place where I can talk.

And now it is August. The orchards are stinking ripe. The tea-colored brooks run beneath the rocks. There is sediment on the stone and no wind in the willows. Everyone is preparing to go back to school. I have no school to go back to.

I am not sorry. I am not at all glad.

It is strange to be so very young and to have no place to report to at nine o’clock. That is what education has always been. It has been laced curtseys and perfumed punctualities.

But now it is nothing. It is symmetric with my life. I am lost in it. That is why I am not standing in a place where I can talk.

This is where the authority to stop evil begins.

Please check out this video and make a commitment to do everything in your power to stop any form of evil that crosses your path. (it’s daily in this era.) Use your influence for good!

The Only Truly Compliant, Submissive Citizen in a Police State Is a Dead One.

John Whitehead

A month ago in searching the net for more resources for clearing of alien/dark/reptilian resources I came across a website of Sharon-Ann Riley. She makes some very bold claims of healing ability around these issues and I contacted her. I sent her the following questions:

1) Since I regularly search for healers worldwide and have never
discovered your website before how long have you been doing this work
or is your website new?
2) What point of origin do you represent on the Galactic Council?
3) Could you put me in touch with someone you have helped? Anyone who has been 
helped will exuberantly and joyously want to facilitate clearing of their spiritual brothers and sisters.
4) Do you refund if the work is unsuccessful?
I asked to schedule a consult.

#1 is a very reasonable request. #2 I am a member of organization she calls the 
Galactic Council although it has not been referred to that for some time. #3) I saw clients for 30 years who were legally protected in terms of their confidentiality, 
however at any given time I had a handful of people who would happily talk to new 
clients/students as to my beneficial skills. As any one of you can attest, if a healer could set you free from the control and slavery that dark forces attest would you not sing their praises to someone else? Of course. #4) this is always a good 
question to ask of healers. I usually want to know the soul number as well just so I can understand who I am dealing with, but in this case I intuited that Sharon-Ann 
Riley is a birth name and so I could easily discern it.

Her initial response was that she does not do consults and some new age mumbo-jumbo about how easily it would be to find someone close by. I had already checked thoroughly about her “Galactic Council” membership and did not find her there. Please do not be duped by these claims I sometimes see on the internet. Membership in this body of light beings is very rare and will correspond with an enlightened being here on Earth. It is such a prominent position that the membership is public record much as being a US Senator is. It is also a great source of pride as is the “nation” you represent and would be one you would be delighted to identify especially if you have it all over your multiple websites.

I contacted her again. I did not hear back from her and since I do occasionally experience electronic interference (lost transmissions, etc) I gave her the benefit of the doubt and contacted her about a week later, advising her that I do inform my students of what I learn about healers that I explore.  At that time she said that she normally does not do consults but would like to schedule a skype meeting. (She avoided answering my questions, never refused to answer them, but rather, i realized later, just she never answered them. This is pure Reptilian behavior. Light beings are straight shooters, we do not manipulate or evade.) She also said that she hadn’t received my follow up e-mail.

In that scheduled skype meeting I experienced her as authentic except she did not listen and interrupted me repeatedly and uses the new age buzzwords such as “co-creation” more than I care for.  She was able to discern a God-task I am here to achieve of which I do not communicate publicly as well as the energetic nature of where I am residing. She called me sister and said that she wanted to do three sessions for free given who I was and the importance of my role on the planet. I felt good energetically after the session. She advised me to wait a week then contact her which I did. It took her a little while to get back to me and we set a first session.

She did not show up on skype for the meeting. I discovered that she had sent a message shortly before that she would not be meeting with me directly but do remote work and suggested I lie down. I immediately had a very bad feeling and contacted her back. I left her a phone, skype and e-mail message that this was not what our agreement had been and it was not okay to decide this without my being informed or my consent. (This coming from a person who had said “co-creation” to me about ten times. (By the way light beings do not generally say co-creation as it goes without saying that consent of all involved is required in any endeavor.) Especially after this experience I have come to believe that people who are going to violate your will use the term “co-creation.”

I should have bowed out then, but did give her consent to work on me as the first encounter had been so favorable.

I lay down and almost immediately went into what I call the field-of-poppies intoxication (registered trademark). My students, especially those who have been abducted, had told me about this for years. Although I did not feel paralyzed, I could not wake up or get up. I vaguely heard my a family member come to my bedroom door to speak to me at some point but I could not even respond. During the experience, however, I did have a very important vision in which I was able to remote view six other individuals (in physical form on the planet) besides myself who are working diligently to remove this reptilian scourge.

As soon as I was able to get up I contacted Sharon. Three hours had gone by and I was in very bad shape and understood right away that she had a demonic/reptilian handler that had harvested my energy field. She had disconnected her skype account from me with an automatic message that no contact was available without payment. She has never responded to my e-mails.

The fact that she closed off all communication verified that she is complicit in the dark overlord for whom she works. It has taken me weeks to recover.

In preparation for this blog post I discovered that all of the e-mails I had sent to her have been deleted from my own e-mail account. For those of you also dealing with this level of electronic sophistication, this will be understandable and validating. For those of you who have no personal experience with this, I assure you it goes on all the time. Please know you are only safe and unmolested because you offer no threat to the reptilian agenda.

I have encountered this before. A friend of mine who was a fairly prominent psychic was channeling an also rather well-known entity that called itself “Chief White Eagle.” I had known her about 10 years when she confided in me that she was desperately trying to get away from him. She told me she was terrified for her life. That she was deteriorating. She looked and sounded terrible. I prayed for her and supported her in any way I could to free herself. Several months later I saw her and she looked terrific and her life had taken on a much more materially abundant feel. I asked her about “Chief” and she acted like she barely recalled our previous conversation. She had succumbed to him completely and was reaping her satanic reward. This is another soul lost. Another victory for these forces that scour the earth looking to take man’s souls. I have never had contact with her again.

I do not know if Ms. Riley is fully possessed or is under control of an external demonic/reptilian handler. I know her name reveals a master vibration. I know she is actively participating and approving of this misuse of her abilities because she sent me a brief message basically saying I am completely cleared and she cut off all contact with me. Another individual who is not as of much interest as I am to evil might not have the same experience, but I assure you something not of the light is directing all of her work. While it is reassuring to be fully seen for the light we carry in this world of illusion, unfortunately most seers are fourth-dimensional beings of a very dark nature.

Stay away form her and put the word out.

Keep Safe,

Wise Woman


In the process of searching globally for authentic (capable, powerful, connected to the light) healers, I keep discovering ones that range from amateurs to evil. I get regular e-mails from individuals whose lives are being destroyed by reptilian/demonic possession and interference. They are desperately seeking help. (I offer my Divine Activations available on this site and on I hear story after story of people trying to get help and instead being harmed by healers.

Over the past week I encountered the most dangerous healer/spiritual teacher that I have ever personally encountered. I am still recovering from what her handler (through her) did to me.

Sharon-Ann Riley.

I will record a detailed account on the page of this website designated for just this purpose.

Please be careful especially if you know yourself to embody the living christ energy. They are looking to harvest us.

I am asking anyone who has gotten real and lasting help from any healer anywhere to let me know so that I may promote them on my site.

In the meantime, some brief advisement:

1) Try to find someone local. That way they can’t just take the money and run. Accountability.  Accountability. Accountability.

2) Remember: Testimonials on the healer’s website are posted by the healer themselves. There is no determining their authenticity and they are certainly not going to allow negative feedback.

3) If they say they are going to do something then change the course of action without discussing it with you: Run! This is good advice in life with all people. It is a sure sign that another force is commandeering the process and your will and consent are being violated which is the earmark of ego and reptilian interference.

4) Beware of a healer saying “co-creation”. It is a new age buzzword and enlightened/evolved beings do not use it (because it goes without saying). It would be akin to someone saying, “During our work together we will both breathe.” The repeated use of “co-creation” which Sharon-Ann Riley uses profusely is to lull you into a false sense of being honored, kind of like a used car salesman saying, “You can trust me.” Trustworthy people don’t say that. Their behavior demonstrates trustworthiness.

Be careful out there! Things on the planet are the worst I have ever seen.We are not seeing tthe turnaround yet, except in small pockets.

Please know that my heart breaks when I encounter this. Another blessed child of God fallen into service with evil.

With Live,

Wise Woman

Please fully explore this link:,33427/

Unfortunately the only periodical telling the absolute truth about law enforcement has to do so as a joke. Check out the article here.