This is one of the best summaries of evil influences that I have encountered. The internet is filled with articles/blog posts by people who have no idea what they are talking about and hence are disseminating false and dangerous ideas. A few false ideas I keep running into:

1) There are benevolent Reptilians

and almost its opposite

2) Reptilians are the overlords of all evil and that fallen angels and other demons all serve Reptilians. (The opposite is true)

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Modern day exorcism and depossession

The attachment of spirit entities and demons, contrary to most belief, is very common in this country, with 75% or more of the population having attached spirits. Possessing demons are much less frequent, but cause more problems of a dark nature. A person may be living a spiritual life but retain possessing spirits and demons from earlier darker life activities. Gurus, advanced lightworkers, priests, and minsters are known to have attachments.

Attachment to a person’s energy body by spirit entities and demons may be the root cause or exacerbate alcohol and drug addiction, violence and other physical abuse, sexual abuses (even among the married), overeating, suicide and attempts, sudden mood swings, additional personalities, loss of energy, multiple voices-in-the-head, unclear thinking, mental illness including depression, and criminal activities. Spirits and demons enter holes, tears, and distortions in the auric gridwork of the spirit body caused by loss of soul fragments, and loss of personal power, due to life traumas.

Spirit entities are those that at time of physical death did not “go to the Light” but as soul fragments or entire souls, became stuck on Earth due to confusion, desiring revenge, from shock and terror, having unfinished business, or simply lost and wandering.

Demons are very disruptive non-human beings who are tasked by the “dark forces” to disrupt life to the greatest extent possible by intensifying the fears and negative thoughts and beliefs of the person. Fallen angels are a form of demon.

Shape-shifting Demons are the principal adversaries in the battle between the forces of fear (darkness) and the forces of love (light). Their intent is to control humans for the “dark forces.”

Dark Extraterrestrials (ETs) consist of dark reptilians and grays and other ETs that have been here for thousands to millions of years with the intent to control the thoughts and actions of humans to control earth. Many of these are renegades or outcasts from their own planet. “Blues” appear to be renegades newly here from another Universe, partly attracted to children. Invisible implants and fine thread-like wires are inserted into the nervous system of the etheric body to assist the remote control. In so doing they are breaking the Prime Directive established between earth’s Creator and the Galactic Counsel over all ETs operating on earth:

* No interference with the free will of humans.
* No interference with the life’s purpose of humans.

Dark ETs are directed by the “dark forces” consisting of dark reptilian ETs, fallen angels, and demons operating invisibly under leadership from the 3rd and 4th dimensions.

Clearing of dark ETs is performed by journeying to the dimension where they are operating from to control an individual (formerly the 5th, now mostly the 10th.) If breaking the Prime Directive, they are energetically transformed and permanently removed from a position of active interference.

Depossession of discarnate beings is for people who feel that something or someone is trying to control or disrupt their life or actions or thinking but are unable to point to the human cause. Spirit entities may cause addictions and symptoms of illness to the person. The attached spirit is released to the Light in the care of an angelic being who knows where the spirit needs to go for healing, love, and peace.

Exorcism of demons is a non-religious practice for people who feel something is causing fear and chaos in their lives. They may feel terrorized, or may secretly fear that they may explode into rage and violence, or that they may hurt someone. Exorcised demons are transformed into light energy.

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A reminder: Go to and using the activations to clear/protect yourself. Once you download them they are yours to use again.

While I am happy to see many people partaking of the Threshold Activation, remember it is only designed to provide calibration and ability to assimilate the other activations that are available. For a complete list of activations go to Also remember as you clear karma and raise your vibration you change the field of every person you come in contact with, physically, by phone and e-mail. This work has the potential to serve thousands through just a few people.

I will be uploading several new activations as early as tomorrow.

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The Ryan Ferguson Case

Another sign of our broken and corrupt legal system. An innocent young man, Ryan Ferguson, incarcerated for 10 years for a murder he did not commit. The verdict was overturned based upon the finding that the prosecution (District Attorney) purposely withheld evidence and coerced “witnesses” to lie. This is the same story of what led to the incarceration of the Memphis Three that the efforts of the Hollywood elite, including Johnny Depp, finally freed.

This is disgusting and needs to stop!

See link:

It cost 1.5 million dollars of legal fees (donated pro bono by an exceedingly noble firm) to free this innocent man.

I have been having trouble with this site today and have been unable to upload new activations. They are however available on I have posted three activations of prime importance:

1) Good Pours In (this can be used independently or as a predecessor to Disabling Implants.)
2) Disabling Implants (will be most effective when used after and in conjunction with Good Pours In)
3) Balancing the Masculine and Feminine

Again, these are a means to freedom that I have searching for since 2001.

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It is with great anticipation I bring you a divine gift that was offered to me recently.

In 2001 I experienced a huge pop up in consciousness as the result of divine timing.(I am a soul 33 if that resonates with people who know what that means.) I had been preparing for that event all of my life. Since then I have searched for a means by which I could transmit the energies I had received: transformative, karma-burning, enlightening and extraordinary.

Recently I was shown how to do so and now I am prepared to offer a series of activations to not only my own personal students but to anyone who is guided to release themselves from bondage. I have been given nearly fifty activations in a very short period of time. Each serves a very unique purpose in the release of humanity from its captor.

The Threshold Activation should be done first. It prepares the body and energy systems for greater expansion. I offer it for free. Please do not operate any machinery or motorized vehicle during or within an hour of receiving the energies.

I was guided to upload the activations for the most serious issues first and I do include instructions, insight and sacred information on the recordings. The initial activations for clearing from difficult and negative energies are listed here under the Activations tab. The majority of activations can be found at I encourage you to register with that site as I will continue to download the activations I have been asked to share. Note: The cost was not set by me but by spirit and resonates with the christ energy of 33 for a reason.

Please allow approximately 21 days to fully evaluate the effect, although most people will feel a shift even during the download. It is fine to work with multiple activations on the same day, just drink a lot of water and rest as needed. You may contact me for individual work or for any questions. I welcome comments about the effects you are experiencing. These activations will change your life!


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Once again I have had someone say to me, “Satan only finds those who leave their door open.” This so infuriates me because it is always said so self-righteously by the unconscious and is just so self-serving.

The smaller acts of evil that go on around us every day are a good metaphor for this statement. If I live in a dangerous part of the city and leave my front door wide open as I sleep am I inviting trouble? Yes! Does playing with Ouija board, reading satanic materials, etc, open one to possession? Yes!

But if I live in a very safe part of town, have installed motion-activated lights, lock all my doors and windows and someone breaks into my home and assaults me, am I to blame? Of course, not.

So, it is with demons and those who serve them. Evil is, by definition, intrusive. It also feeds off light, as it is not connected to Source and is not self-sustaining. The greater the light the individual holds, the more potential nourishment that sacred being could provide a hollow, soul-less creature as well as the more threat it poses to the satanic order of this planet.

People who have had no direct encounters with evil, do not understand that they are of no interest to evil whatsoever. It is not because they are better than others or, as many immature healers claim, know how to protect themselves better. I promise you that Jesus had more mastery over self-protection than any other incarnated being, ever! And look what happened to him.


I like this very simple summation that I found online: ”Rain falls on the righteous and the wicked.

Evil is in the world, it seeks to destroy all of us, if for no other reason because we are loved by God.”


Sometimes those who are most loved by God are the most horribly tortured and live the most miserable of lives. Those who are very close to God, although of average appearance, scarcity of materialism, etc. will be the objects of life-long jealousy. Satan constantly feels the cold reality of living outside of the light of God. When he encounters a christed being, he observes the warmth of a sacred soul like a beggar sees the flaming heat of a secure and comfortable hearth through a doorway he cannot tread. He seethes with jealousy and seeks to extinguish that flame through, harassment, possession and anhilation.

When I hear this ignorant statement expressed in any of its myriad forms I know am in the presence of a great fool. I hear it expressed by many, especially those who claim to be spiritual teachers. Beware! on a very human level, it is so annoying!

Wake up people!

Wise Woman

A chilling e-mail came from someone who calls himself “Reptiloid Captain” There was nothing new to me in his communication, yet I realize that it might be new to others.

1) He shared knowledge of unpublished information about me. Most psychics are reptilians or hybrids. It was for this reason that Jesus warned against them. This is a shame as it is our birthright to open up all of our abilities. And as we
awaken we definitely access information not available to others. I am not advising never see a psychic. Just be careful when seeking advisement. Reptilians (and hence hybrids) are fourth dimensional and would be considered psychic by our standards. They also liars.

2) He reminded me of the need for subservience to hybrids and that parents must relinquish authority to infested children. This is a violation of God’s law given to us in the Ten Commandments (One of the parts of the Old Testament that is inviolate and not open to suspicion) Reptilians have been bringing their way of life to our planet for thousands of years. Most well-known are the Nazi’s of Germany who were reptilian hybrids. it is common knowledge that Nazi youth groups were trained to turn in their own parents. There is no loyalty to family, no allegiance in reptilian culture. I have interacted with dozens of families where children have led to one or both innocent parent’s arrest or investigation. Anywhere this pattern is seen it is a clear sign of reptilian interface. Also where there is hatred of women or of anything feminine.

3) He urged me to embrace reptilians and their violation of man’s rights to autonomy over his soul and over his body. I have heard this crap over and over again. The good reptile. Hybrids can be nice at times. (They are after all a human interface) When they realize they have been overtaken, their humanity will fight like hell to regain their own consciousness. Please do not be deceived. Reptilians are evil and extremely dangerous.


Wise Woman

numbersIf you hadn’t noticed there is a war going on, a spiritual war. Lower vibration humans are orchestrating and carrying out assault on higher vibration inhabitants of the planet. Encoded in each of our names is the level of spiritual advancement we had achieved at the times of our birth. Numerology is based upon sound, so it defies all language barriers. It is also not as nebulous or open to interpretation as other sciences such as astrology. Of course, complexity of interpretation does emerge from hijacked bodies through possession or reptilian interface. Even under that increasingly common situation, numerology can confirm a lot. If a person whose numerology indicates that they are a very advanced being i(master soul number) s behaving in a manner that is uncharacteristic of a highly-evolved soul, it is very clear that the originally-incarnated person is held captive or is already departed from the earth plane. Advanced humans are targets. This phenomenon of stolen bodies is far more common than most people realize.

Numerology is essential in understanding who you are. It is also essential in understanding who you surround yourself with. I cannot recommend this enough. All people should have their numbers determined!

Please avoid impersonal computer-generated readings or interpretations done by novices. I have been studying numerology for twenty-five years and have interpreted hundreds of people’s numbers. If you are guided to take the next step, see my numerology page to arrange your own reading.


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Please follow this link:

You will be glad you did!

Something precious is dying. Or rather, something precious is being killed. I am talking about the American Middle Class. (I will always capitalize it, as it represents a precious and important entity, a multifaceted and rich melding of souls and talents and capabilities.)

Some material is being written about this nearly silent war on the backbone of America, the fodder for war, the wellspring of creativity and ingenuity that we call the American Middle Class. But not many are linking the many techniques for the  systematic, well-planned annhilation of the American Middle Class into one understandable and detestable movement. A partial list of these techniques is the following: widespread home foreclosure, the bank-designed and delivered home loan modification scam, manipulation of gas prices, manipulation of food prices and availability, dissipation of pension funds, disempowerment of trade unions, underemployment and unemployment, etc.

Millions of Americans who are victims of this outrage no longer have the leisure time to create but are consumed with efforts to survive. Many have been stripped of their assets and  dignity. Previously prosperous Americans have been marginalized and rendered voiceless in society. Their children live a lifestyle of limitation unseen since their immigrant ancestors arrived on American soil.

Because I have witnessed the assault from many different angles, which serves to keep people scrambling, I have  identified a pattern and shared intention in those who are taking homes, wealth, children (family court and Department of Social Services corruption) health and, most monstrously, free-thinking minds.

This article is designed to expose the plight of the recently poor. I know there are many Americans suffering from multi-generational poverty, but this site is not devoted to them. Others more able than myself are addressing those issues.

Educated, White (It is mentioned only because this is a class war, not a race war. Otherwise it means nothing in this battle) hard-working, responsible, law-abiding, American citizens, with no mental illness or drug or alcohol addictions, are becoming disabled by the systematic legal rape of what is theirs.

The newly poor are astonished at their poverty and ill-prepared for this battle, having never dreamed it could happen to them.

I hope to provide resources for the newly poor, a place for people to tell their stories (please leave comments with your situation), and validation and links and articles to others aware of what is truly going on.

I urge you to abandon passivity. It is death to the free man or woman, and something THEY count on from any oppressed people, but especially those who do not realize they are oppressed until it is too late.


Wise Woman